Comment about zerokey’s shirts!

3 03 2010

Ask to use my picture, ask to copy my picture and several copyright warnings.


zerokey goes for the best!!!!

1 03 2010

Zerokey goes on the highscore list and in 1st place!!!!

He also advertized pc!!!!

Good news and bad news

1 11 2009

I think cmcm12 aint gonna post again but you cazmos can go to my website called

My Button

6 09 2009

Click Here


im cmcm

21 07 2009

People think im a hacker. well im not ok? cmcm12


21 07 2009

Hey guys add Huddy1 on  hes so awesome plz add him’



17 07 2009

hey guys there is a person going around on ppls sites and xats and saying bad stuff and signing my name but it was not me please post this on your sites